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Changed My Computer on Ford and Key Won’t Work


Changed My Computer on Ford and Key Won't Work



Changed my computer on Ford and key won’t work. The issue is when you change your computer the transponder ring and cluster has to be all from the same car.

A lot of people think you can go to junkyard and get a new computer for there car and it will work. The truth is it won’t. You will get a message on the dashboard with a flashing security light.

The reason the light is flashing is the new computer is not a match with the transponder ring and cluster. What you really needed to do if you went to junkyard was take the computer, transponder ring and cluster out of same model and year car. It will work a lot of times if it’s not the same year but best to be sure to get same year and model.

Another option is to order online or at dealer the computer matched to your vin number but that can be expensive.

Now when you get all computer, transponder ring and cluster your next step is to call a car locksmith lake worth. A car locksmith lake worth will come there and have to program the key again. Which is a one of cheap prices for a car locksmith lake worth to do as far as pricing goes. Very few locksmiths have the equipment if you change the computer and don’t match the cluster and transponder ring and that will be very expensive any way.

A Lenny locksmith performs this service and if you need to do this feel free to call. A lent locksmith is open 24 hours and we don’t charge to help you on the right patch to save you time and energy

Changed My Computer on Ford and Key Won’t Work





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